Seifert Road Over Wood Creek Bridge Replacement

Locally Administered Bridge NY Project Replaces 1962 Structure

The existing two (2) span prestressed concrete voided slab unit (PCUs) structure was built in 1962 on a 30 deg. skew with 10 ft. lanes and 2 ft. shoulders. The total length of the bridge was 72’-0” and the length of each span was 35’-7”. The superstructure was supported by concrete abutments and pier founded on piles. The waterway was restricted in both spans by downed trees and wood debris on the upstream side of the pier.

Work on this locally administered Bridge NY project included project scoping, environmental determination, preliminary highway/bridge design, hydraulic analyses, design approval documentation, contract documents, construction support, and construction inspection. HEC-RAS was used to determine water surface elevations and other stream characteristics at the bridge.

The replacement structure is a single span 100 ft. steel multi-girder structure with a cast-in-place concrete deck on a 30 deg. skew. The bridge carries 10 ft. lanes and 4 ft shoulders and is founded on integral abutments with steel H-piles set behind the original abutments. Overhead utility relocations were required for National Grid, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon and were completed prior to construction.

The project is located near the Erie Canal and a Phase 1 Archaeological Survey was completed for review by the New York State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. Based on the findings, SHPO and FHWA concurred that there are No Historic Properties Affected by this undertaking.

Although fabrication of the steel beams for this project was delayed approximately 4 weeks due to Covid related supply and work force issues, and a historic rainfall event that occurred in August 2021, the bridge was completed on the contract completion date.