Environmental Contracting

In-house contracting services means more cost and schedule control.

Flexibility and collaboration may make the difference when timelines or budgets are tight. Our contracting lead can call our design team and coordinate moving up a task while another task is stalled waiting on a part. Or they can plan for a drill rig to be used at a nearby site while it has an afternoon of downtime at another site. Keep things moving, keep costs down. That’s the synergy we can offer clients with full-service consulting and contracting services.

LaBella’s environmental contracting services, which include environmental and geotechnical drilling, ecological construction and restoration, tank removals, soil excavation, and treatment systems, complement our environmental consulting and remediation expertise. With in-house contracting, we are able to offer optimal schedule and cost control for our clients’ projects and eliminate the additional fees or delays associated with the use of multiple contractors.

Talk to a LaBella Expert

Dave Engert, CHMM
Environmental Contracting Program Manager
Vice President

(585) 295-6630

Fil Fina III, PE
Remedial Design Program Manager
Vice President

(518) 885-5383 x203

Client-Oriented and Results-Driven

LaBella offers full environmental contracting services to our clients – from an initial study to site management, remediation, system installations, operations, and maintenance. Our highly experienced project managers, supervisors, and technicians develop effective strategies to best fit our clients’ time frame while staying cost effective.

Our service offerings include:

  • Environmental and geotechnical drilling
  • Sonic drilling
  • Geoprobe services
  • Remedial injection
  • Underground and aboveground storage tank removals
  • Petroleum bulk storage compliance, inspection, and maintenance
  • Soil vapor intrusion (SVI) investigation and mitigation
  • Soil excavation, transportation, and disposal
  • Remediation system design, installation, and monitoring
  • Advanced system controls
  • Hydraulic lift removals
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