SP-FE Domestic Water Line Replacement

Domestic Water Line Replacement Solves Leakage Issues

The Client sought to replace the galvanized piping in the domestic water line at their facility in Corning, New York, after there had been several issues with leakage due to the mineral content in the hard water causing corrosion to the galvanized piping. A major challenge of this project was finding an alternative route for a new line while keeping the existing line operational.

The domestic water main is a 4-inch galvanized steel line with Gruvlok type fittings. The main enters the building on the west side of the cave level, where it is connected to a duplex backflow preventer. The pipe extends from the backflow preventer station up to the ceiling, where it rises to the first floor and then splits into two 4-inch branches. One branch rises up by the elevator to the second floor while the other branch runs through the first-floor hallway ceiling to the north side of the building and then up a shaft to the third floor.

Our team provided a variety of services on this project, including the following:

  • Document existing domestic water piping from the cave level to the connection of copper piping terminations and branches
  • Document existing 2.5-inch and larger pipeline in the building
  • Locate existing branches from the galvanized line that will be reconnected
  • Design a new pipe route (parallel to existing piping where possible) and reconnect existing branches
  • Prepare architectural demolition and installation drawings for walls and ceilings where required to install replacement piping system
  • Prepare electrical demolition and installation drawings for lights and electrical devices where required for installation of new piping
  • Provide construction administration activities, including providing bid support and attending pre-bid walkthrough and construction meetings