renewable energy

We provide expertise to developers and municipalities at all stages of renewable energy projects. From planning and property acquisition, to environmental review, permitting, and the studies that may be necessitated from these processes, our team can guide you to an engineering-ready site.  From there, our civil, electrical, and power transmission and distribution engineers can deliver technical solutions customized to local requirements.

alternative energy strategies

Distributed Generation Study & Design

  • Solar/Photovoltaic

  • Combined heat & power

  • Wind energy

  • Alternative fuels (biomass, biogas, landfill gas)

Transmission & Distribution

  • Microgrid design

  • Interconnection analysis


We provide the support and specifications necessary to optimize your generation technology to each site, resulting in reliable, efficient operation for years to come.

feasibility & approvals

site selection

  • Desktop review

  • GIS Mapping

  • Property Filtering

  • State & County Resource Review

  • Approximate Layout

  • Preliminary Connection Review

permitting & community engagement
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article 7

New York State's Article 7 & Part 102

  • Our experience with Article VII projects has paved the way for LaBella to be able to develop Article 10 projects for renewable energy clients all over New York State.  Article VII and Part 102 can streamline the permitting process for a renewable energy facility requiring the installation of a  65kV transmission line over one mile or a 115 kV transmission line over a distance of 10 miles or greater.   

  • As renewable energy installation become more common in New York State the need for new transmission line and substation upgrades will increase. In 2019 Labella is currently involved in over 30 Article VII and Part 102 projectss

  • LaBella has significant experience with the below tasks as they relate to Article VII and Article 10 projects:

    • Environmental oversight

    • Agricultural oversight

    • Application Exhibit Preparation

    • Environmental Management & Construction Plan Filings

    • Routing and siting analysis

    • Field assessments (wetland/stream delineation, invasive species surveys, habitat assessments, ecological community assessments)

    • Agency Consultation

    • Project and Construction Management

    • Cost controlling and scheduling

design services


  • Layout optimization

  • Grounding

  • Power distribution

  • Interconnection

  • SCADA & security

  • Signage


  • Site Design

  • Clearing and grading

  • Stormwater management/SWPPP

  • Fencing/gates/security

  • Access roads

  • Trench/rack coordination

Solid Waste

  • Design and permitting for brownfields

  • Landfill renewable energy projects

  • New construction & retro-commissioning

  • LEED V4 expertise

  • NYS energy code required Cx

  • HVAC systems & controls

  • Automatic lighting controls

  • Fire alarm, security, communications, renewable energy systems, specialty building systems

construction services
  • Drone inspection capability

  • SWPPP inspections

  • Electrical interconnections

  • Construction Administration

  • Environmental oversight

  • Compliance with erosion and sediment control laws

  • Agricultural field monitoring

  • Compliance with Public Service Commission ordering clauses

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