LaBella has been providing bridge design for over 30 years!  Our team has worked on a variety of rehabilitation and replacement projects, ranging from locally – owned, low volume bridges and culverts to state agency – owned high volume interstate bridges.  We are able to provide a full array of services on projects, including structural design, preventive maintenance and element specific repairs, in-depth inspections, load ratings, hydraulic and hydrologic modeling, supporting services, and construction support.

City of Rochester | Driving Park Bridge

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LaBella Associates and the New York State Department of Transportation.

"The key personnel are highly competent and very professional. They are willing to offer alternatives and refine project goals to provide the best product to the Department. The firm shows a culture of high standards for professionalism, quality work, and very good cost & schedule management.  They function as a seamless part of the Department design team.”

NYSDOT on the Rt. 20A Culvert.